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1) The hunter is responsible for his /her own actions as well as the actions of their hunting party including DNR violations and/or fines.
2) CMF will not be responsible for injuries, damage or death in the unlikely event should something happen.
3) There will be no alcoholic beverages allowed during the hunt. Any beverages may be stored in the lodge for consumption when the weapons are put away after the hunt.
4) No recreational drugs will be tolerated at any time during your stay at CMF.
5) CMF will not be responsible for items left in the blinds, deer stands ad Lodge. We will make every effort to help locate items that may be misplaced.
6) Please be respectful of our animals and crops because this is our livelihood.
7) No shooting at low birds (level of 10 to 2) for dove and waterfowl.
8) No loading weapons until guide give the signal.
9) Safety must be engaged until the weapon is at your shoulder.
10) It is up to the guide's discretion when the hunt is over.
11) No goose or duck hunting after 10:30am.
12) All weapons must be unloaded when climbing into and out of the stand/blinds.
13) Refrain from urinating & defecating in the wildlife habitat, it drives the animals away.
14) Must wear safety harness at all times when in the deer stand.
15) Deer hunters must stay in the stands until notified by their guide. You will be escorted to and from the stand for your safety and for the success of our wildlife trophy management.
16) Contact your guide when you have harvested a deer. Hunters must not track without a guide! Do not leave the stand until the guide arrives. Tracking it may lead to putting yourself in harms way because fellow hunters are out there with you.
17) Tracking will be left to the discretion of the guide after prime hunting hours. This ensures a better hunting experience so people don't wander in other hunting parameters.
18) No field dressing in the woods, this will be taken care of by your guide at the lodge.
19) CMF bag limits on deer hunting are as follows: 1 trophy buck per year and unlimited does per season.
20) CMF retains all rights to the replication of racks.
21) Any buck harvested must be shoulder mounted with Councils Taxidermy, which allows us to regulate our trophy bucks. Everyone's idea of a trophy is different as long as it is worth your $450 mounting fee.
22) Hunters must abide by all DNR Rules and Regulations
23) Dove hunting hours is from 12 noon to 4:30pm.
24) All dove hunters are allowed to shoot up to 2 boxes of shells per hunt.
25) Prior to the hunt, it is the hunter's responsibility to get a MD State Hunting License.
26) Guide gratuities are common practice and are not included in daily fees.
27) Drop off at stands prior to sunrise and 1:30 pm for afternoon hunt. Pickup at stands no earlier than 10:30 for morning hunts and sundown for afternoon hunts.
28) B&C or P&Y official will score the rack then a card will be sent for your authentication.
29) While goose hunting, guides will call all shots, you may be asked to leave if this rule is violated.

Chestnut Manor Farms Hunt Club Member Rules and Regulations Addendum:

30) CMF Hunt Club Members (HCM) must harvest a minimum of 1 nanny doe with 2 fawns in the EARLY SEASON (preferably before the rut) and maximum of 3 nanny does.

31) If a HCM wants more than 3 does per season he/she can consult with a CMF Guide to see if more need to be harvested on any given farm.

32) HCM is invited to bow or shotgun hunt at their leisure for does ONLY anytime after the last 3-day hunt scheduled.

33) HCM may use their respective hunting days anywhere they want in the CMF Deer-hunting schedule as well as during Waterfowl, Sea Ducks, Turkey or Upland Game.

34) If HCM are in disagreement with guides or other HCM members, it is at the discretion of Temple Rhodes or Staff whether dismissal from the farm and/or club is necessary.

35) There is a $200 fine for any button buck harvested payable the day of the hunt. This fine is the sole responsibility of the HCM and is payable the day of the hunt.

36) No hunters are allowed in any sanctuary at any time.

37) No mechanical broadheads.

38) Bow hunting only on ALL PROPERTIES.

39) The doe harvest may be shut down on any given farm at any given time so we do not over harvest. Records will be kept on what HCM and Farmers scout throughout the season as well as crop damage analysis.

40) HCM can harvest a minimum 140" class buck with a 5" allowance. A fine of $10 per inch from 135" class will be incurred. This fine is the sole responsibility of the HCM and is payable the day of the hunt. All scoring will be done by Temple Rhodes.

Example: HCM harvests a 123" buck.
135"-123"= 12"x $10 = $120

41) If HCM harvests a buck the previous year, the next years buck must exceed it by 5" until you reach 150" class. Then a 150" class buck can be taken every year.

42) Before the start of the season each HCM must do a shooting test in front of a CMF guide to ensure sighting of bows are accurate. The test will be done at lunchtime after the first morning hunt. Once the test is complete HCM can return to the woods for the afternoon hunt. CMF guides are here to help you in any way necessary.
The Test:
Bow: Shoot an 8" pie plate at 25 yards.

43) There is a fee of $35 for any deer being donated to "Hunters Feeding the Hungry"

44) Any HCM that draws blood on a buck will be counted as his/her trophy for that year. The HCM can continue to hunt that spot in order to harvest the wounded buck.

45) HCM can use their days for guests during waterfowl hunts only. This allows the HCM to utilize all of their days each season. No Guests allowed for any type of deer hunting.

HCM must harvest a NANNY doe prior to harvesting a buck.**
** HCM can harvest a 150" or greater class buck prior to shooting a NANNY doe with a 5"
allowance. A fine of $50 per inch from 150" class will be incurred. The fine is the sole responsibility of the HCM and is payable the day of the hunt. All scoring will be done by Temple Rhodes.

Example: HCM harvests a 143" buck.
150" -143"= 7" x $50 = $350.00

HCM may enter the contest at a cost of $25.00 per hunter. Heaviest live weight (not gutted) doe wins. All fines incurred by HCM's during the deer season will be part of the prize money in addition to the $25.00 per hunter entrance fee . All doe must be checked in at the CMF lodge by a CMF guide. Prize money to be distributed after the final day of all Maryland deer seasons.

The HCM with the most number of doe harvested at the conclusion of all Maryland deer seasons wins. There is no entrance fee for this contest. The winner of this contest will receive a 50% discount for a 15 day CMF membership for the next hunting season. All doe must be checked in at the CMF lodge by a CMF guide. Winner will be announced after the final day of all Maryland deer seasons.

HCM may bring a guest at no cost to the member's total hunting days as follows:
15 Day member = 3 guest days**
10 Day member = 2 guest days**
5 Day member = 1 guest day**

** Each member can bring the same guest one time per season to be free of charge to the member's total hunting days. All guests are always welcome, however after the first visit by a guest compliments of CMF, the guest will be charged toward the member's total hunting days or the guest can pay a non-member daily rate of $175.00. Guests are not allowed for any type of deer hunting. The complimentary guest days are made available by CMF to encourage membership for the following season.**

All HCM's and their guests must sign in prior to the start of every hunting day. This book will be located in the lodge each morning and/or afternoon.

Food Plot Acreage
Tall forage sorghum(for cover and safety): 15 acres.
Deer candy sugar beets: 35 acres.
Rut-n-Ready seed mixture(chicory, rape, turnips, sugar beets and kale): 22 acres
Horn honey clover: 15 acres
Corn: 47 acres
TOTAL: 134 acres of year round food sources.

2010/2011 Deer Hunting Membership options are as follows:
Please call Tim Reinhart for membership pricing - Cell (410) 303-4754
Payment for the 2010/2011 membership dues are as follows:
Initial 50% due 10/01/2010
Final 50% due 01/01/2011
All checks should be made payable to: Chestnut Manor Farms

All Member Hunts can be scheduled by calling: Temple Rhodes (410) 310-8165 or Tim Reinhart (410) 303-4754.
All membership levels include the right to hunt dove, deer, waterfowl, turkey and sea ducks.
All hunters are required to sign a liability waiver.
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